Bleach 281! :D

September 14, 2010 at 2:26 pm (News)

Reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated.

Bleach 281 SD (H.264/AAC, 704×396, 175 MB, 1F3C5718)

Bleach 281 HD (H.264/AAC, 1280×720, 346 MB, 05693C84)

(What actually happened was just that a few of us had offline commitments that cut into our free time a lot. It happens, I guess 😦 )



  1. Anime_King said,

    it’s cool i guess but are u guys back on track now its not that i mind just curious

  2. KostaZ said,

    You should at least let us know! But you’re always doing the best job, so I can’t complain a lot! Just hope you’ll be doing the episodes now more quickly.

  3. KickAss said,

    It’s cool… Yeah, just let us know what’s happening more often. How many people work on Flomp anyway?

  4. ryuuM21 said,

    Best subs in the market. When you guys catch up, everybody’s gonna shift to Flomp. You can do it. Don’t let all of us down. ;O.

    • Axl_abe said,

      yeah sure >_> maybe if flomp decides to make .avi XD
      I wish people would think before they post :/
      The only reason DB got 200k+ downloads each week is cause they did .avi everyone and their grandmother knows how to play that 😀 Why do you think SGKK does .avi?

      • Merril said,

        Download Flomps quality product which uses h264 the current standard for high definition sources. Use XviD4PSP to convert to a less complex format. The program is really simple and you can use it to convert to your desired avi.

        There are many other programs but this one is about as simple as you can get.

      • KostaZ said,

        SGKK is doing .avi cause the fans asked for it. You’re a part of the group, yet you don’t know? :O

      • demoneyesxkyo said,

        the format is rather inconsequential as long as you have good codecs… download cccp and anybody and their grandmother can play any type of video using any video player of their choice

  5. hockysa said,

    so does this mean you are going to sub the fillers?

  6. busta said,

    Thanks Flomp, its nice to have a great HQ 720p HD. Yall rock, keep it up.

  7. *teehee* said,

    suki desu~

    ’bout time! XD

  8. Ma Junior said, there a chance that you will create batch from 169(that was first HD 3xxmb epiosode)up to the latest 281?…or give us megaupload or sth links?
    Your torrents are dead and we want enjoy your great quality subs and video…

    • Power2All said,

      Blame the leechers that only download, and don’t keep seeding.
      Eventually there might come a big batch of a whole lot of episodes, but thats yp to Flomp 🙂

  9. Ma Junior said,

    I have found it on MU but still torrent will be ok..or xDcc list.
    Are U planning fillers?

    • KostaZ said,

      You’re so lazy to read the other posts? They’re not doing fillers…

  10. r_ayanami said,

    Hello Flomp.

    I’m a graphic designer and an animation fan,
    I prefer HD quality Mkv file format for my animation archieve if possible.

    The fonts, font size, colors used by SGKK subs bothers me.
    You are the best recent fansub group for Bleach.

    So I’ll patiently wait for your releases.
    Thank you.

    • superjose said,

      Hehehe, they are not recent. They’ve been for several years for now. The first subbers to put Bleach HD was them.

  11. Roberto said,

    Flomp could you make the font like fansub Bleach [Tsuki].
    That would be prety awesome.

  12. KostaZ said,

    I don’t care about their font, I just want them to release weekly 😛

  13. Roberto said,

    Ooh, but I care for the font.

    • KostaZ said,

      Now that you mention it, their font is kinda “too” bleach. It should be all white with just the bit surrounding with black 😀

      • KostaZ said,

        “too black” omfg 😀

  14. choco_robba said,

    Thank you for subbing this.

    I also worried about your “death”, so glad you guys are still around. Thank you!!

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